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Latest Articles: ‘Terminator Genesys’ –… Minions, Mayhem and… Jurassic World –… Big Hero 6:… What We Did…


‘Terminator Genesys’ – Cautionary Revelations

by Chartreuse at Heypressto  

12A, Paramount and Skydance It is 2029, some years after Skynet, the automated defense system designed to protect the Earth, turned on the human habitants. A handful of survivors led by John Connor (Jason Clarke, Malcolm, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) attack Skynet and uncover a time machine. Moments before their arrival it has sent robot model T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) back to 1984 to kill John’s mother Sarah (Emilia Clarke, Game of Thrones) before he is born. Connor’s… Continue Reading...


Minions, Mayhem and Monarchy

by Chartreuse at Heypressto  

The prequel to Despicable Me, this is the back-story of the yellow Kinder Surprise shaped crew who are destined to assist Grue in his villainous endeavours. It begins with the Minions’ evolution from the primordial soup, surviving consumption by malevolent marine predators, to their emergence into the light of day near a tropical Jurassic beach where they encounter their favourite food. Their development has predisposed them to serve the biggest, baddest boss they can find. A passing T Rex is… Continue Reading...


Jurassic World – Awe-inspiring Assets Run Amok

by Chartreuse at Heypressto  

Teen Zach and younger brother Gray are off on an apparently harmless visit to their aunt. Their father and anxious mother Karen wave them off at the airport entrusting their care to her sister Claire. Karen's parting advice is prophetic: if something chases you, run. They are met at the Jurassic World theme park, built by Ingen (20 years after the events in Jurassic Park III) on Isla Nublar but not by Aunt Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) who is occupied… Continue Reading...


Big Hero 6: Lovable Robot Meets Black Hole

by Chartreuse at Heypressto  

Student Tadashi rescues his directionless 14-year-old brother Hiro from a backstreet bot fight where his pet project has made him unpopular. To distract and inspire his little brother Tadashi makes a detour to his Nerd Lab for Hiro's first visit to the Institute of Technology. Here Hiro meets Tadashi’s fellow researchers nicknames GoGo, Honey Lemon, Wasabi and Fred. Their projects fire Hiro with a desire to impress Professor Callaghan at the upcoming Science fair with a project of his own… Continue Reading...


What We Did On Our Holiday

by Chartreuse at Heypressto  

Gordie McLeod (Billy Connolly), on the West coast of the Scottish Highlands, is about to celebrate his 75th birthday. In London son Doug (David Tennant) and his estranged wife Abi (Rosamund Pike) prepare themselves and their three earnest children for the event, urging their offspring not to tell their grandfather about the breakup. The shock could exacerbate Gordie's heart condition. The children object to the deception. Lies and truth are in opposing camps; they are inducted into the grey areas… Continue Reading...

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