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Friday night at Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant, Borough, London SE1

The entrance is in a tunnel-like alley. I was expecting a locked wooden door with a grill at which those seeking admittance would be asked for a password. However, the portal was open and about a dozen

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Apocalypse No! Unbeatable Barbershopera in Bijou Theatre

An immensely talented, young quartet of three guys and a girl, using barely more than hobbyhorses and haloes, will transport you to the nether and upper realms and back in an a cappella musical with a

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London Eye – Fast Track

Fast track is not just for the impatient with extra pocket money. If you have, or have a friend who has, a mobility-related disability this is designed to facilitate access. However, either way, it takes

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Boldy Going Back for Seconds

Yesterday I saw Star Trek for the second time. The first was in the company of an aficionado who grew up with the original (‘classic’) series. He was excited about it but said, ‘I enjoyed

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Single’s Party: Armed and Dangerous

Dating sites as individual entities shine, or not, in various ways with devices to match you with potential mates, entertain you with tests and questionnaires, and present you with pictures and profiles

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