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Heypressto creates and edits promotional text, images and videos. 
Heypressto also publishes and promotes the Amanda Cadabra Cozy Paranormal Mysteries by Holly Bell, and The Feel-better Collections, 50 Feel-better Films, 50 Feel-better Songs from Film and TV, and 25 Feel-better Free Downloads  by Chartreuse. 
Chartreuse is a freelance writer, editor, photographer and promotional videographer. She has written a feel-better film review column for Heath & Happiness Magazine, and is the owner of Heypressto.
Chartreuse’ greatest inspiration is Abraham-Hicks. Her favourite quote is ‘You can be, do or have anything you want’.
For updates follow her on Facebook at Heypressto.
You can find out more about the Amanda Cadabra books at www.amandacadabra.com and on Facebook at Holly Bell Author
For latest news on the next Feel-better Collection, check in here at the website or email chartreuse@heypressto.com. Always happy to hear from you.