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About Heypressto

In over 20 years of experience in writing and editing for dozens of businesses, taking and editing photographs, reviewing, servicing academic and personal writing and editing needs, together with tuition, training and coaching, I have developed a specialised interest in film reviews from a particular angle.

About 10 years ago I was introduced to the books by Ester and Jerry Hicks, New Thought leaders in the Law of Attraction concept. Of particular interest was the emotional scale and the health and life benefits of rising to the top, to exhilaration and empowerment. With a life-long passion for film and having studied the history of story-telling at university, combining these with helping others to find movies with therapeutic value was a natural step.

In addition, experience of a full range of life challenges met and overcome with various sources of help including books and stories from the silver screen, has enabled me to recommend films that have assisted others.

With a background in PR and marketing for arts and education and in IT, creating content for over 30 websites, promoting independent businesses and organisations both in print and online, I have gained a wealth of practice in, and understanding of, presenting positive messages through both text and images, both still and moving. Each enterprise, each entrepreneur has a story, usually an inspiring one; many, if not most, films have something uplifting to offer to the discerning eye.

If you are involved in film-making or have a publication for which you would like a review, please feel free to contact me.

The film reviews here and included in the Fifty Feel-better Films project do not claim to be the work of a qualified health professional. If you, or someone close to you is in crisis in which self-help is inadequate, please seek out a therapist or counsellor.



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