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5 Keto pralines on light brown hand made plate

The Low Carb and Keto Bakery – Yes, Really.

How to make the keto dieter in your life happy? Order from the Low Carb and Keto Bakery. Yes. Do it now. In search of a keto Easter treat, I wandered through the hills and dales of Google and stumbled

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16 Chartreuse Cocktails

Chartreuse: ‘more wonderfully wild than I can describe, or even you can imagine’. Cocktail recipes courtesy of Saveur. The Last Word The most popular

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Chartreuse: ‘more wonderfully wild than I can describe, or even you can imagine’. The Mountains and the Monastery The origin of the word ‘Chartreuse’ is a chicken and egg tossup between the mountains

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And the good news is…

Saved by the Cool Car London’s Air Ambulance have added a vehicle carrying equipment that could raise the survival rate of cardiac arrest patients from 9 to 48 percent, the BBC reports. The Cool

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How To UK Register Your Car

You may be an expat returning from abroad, a member of the armed services previously stationed in Europe or immigrating to the UK. One thing you will have in common is a attachment to your car, all the

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Vaping Virgin

I didn’t intend on that day to leave cigarettes behind me. Back in 2006, I had the distinction of being the only person in my Quit Smoking Group who gave up on a permanent basis. Six years later I decided

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Contemporary Camping Virgin

As for many Brits of my demographic, the ‘c’ word was coloured, or rather washed out, by early memories of cold, damp and other forms of discomfort. I became a convert over the months of a

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Canal Virgin

For months I’d heard tales of, seen photos of, and even had a phone call from, ‘Dave’s Boat’’, a sort of party-float, narrow boat of somewhat battered demeanour where alcohol

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Blue Badge – You Have To Want it

With a Blue Badge up for renewal, I received a letter I should have acted on immediately. Issued by the local council it enables the posessor to park in disabled bays and on yellow lines for certain times

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RC Virgin

Not, as you might think, an article about a nice Catholic girl but rather the tale of my experiences with radio operated model aviation. When I first heard of radio controlled (RC) planes little was I

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