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I seek permission to publish publicity images associated with each film I review

I specialise in reviewing feel-good and feel-better films and writing film inspired articles.

Each film reviewed by Heypressto has a ‘Feel-better Rating’ inspired by Esther Hicks Emotional Scale to give potential viewers an idea of how it might raise their mood. This does depend on where they are on the emotional scale to begin with but they may find it helpful in making a choice of what to watch, give as a gift or suggest to others.

The main questions used to evaluate a film’s Heypressto Feel-better Rating are:

Does the film touch on a crisis the viewer may be experiencing and make them feel better about an outcome?
Does the film distract the viewer from any problems they may be having?
Does a character the viewer may become attached to die?
Does the film give the viewer things to worry about?
Does it make them feel better about their life?
Does it make them feel better about the world in general?
How likely is it to take the viewer up the emotional scale?

The Heypressto rating is not an evaluation of a film’s cinematic values but only its feel-better potential.

Fee: £80 per review of 600 words.


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*The Universal Law of Attraction Is Managing My Expansion...* The *Law of Attraction* is the Universal manager of all Vibration, which expands to everything that exists through the Universe. And so, at the same time that the *Law of Attraction* is responding to the Vibrational content of your physical thoughts, it is also responding to the Vibrational content of your *Inner Being*. ---Abraham Excerpted from: The Vortex on August 31, 2009 Our Love, Esther (and Abraham and Jerry)

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