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 Enchanting, thrilling and a perfect blend of delight and mystery 

 Praise for the Amanda Cadabra series

TJ Brown

Best selling author

About Chartreuse

Chartreuse, writer, photographer, and publisher is the founder of Heypressto, publisher of the Amanda Cadabra Cozy Mysteries series. She has a life-long passion for film and having studied the history of story-telling. Chartreuse has created and edited engaging copy for blog, website and Facebook fan page owners promoting independent businesses and organisations through videos, photographs and text, both in print and online.
Heypressto is also the publisher of all three books of Chartreuse's own books in The Feel-better Collections50 Feel-better Films, 50 Feel-better Songsand 25 Feel-better Downloads, all available on Amazon. One of the trailers is at the top of the this page.
The most recent of Heypressto's publication is, Amanda Cadabra and The Hanging Tree, the seventh book in the successful British humorous cozy paranormal mystery series by Holly Bell, beginning with Amanda Cadabra and The Hidey-Hole Truth, followed by its sequels Amanda Cadabra and The Cellar of Secrets, Amanda Cadabra and The Flawless Plan, Amanda Cadabra and The Rise of Sunken Madley, Amanda Cadabra and The Hidden Depths, Amanda Cadabra and The Strange Case of Lucy Penlowr.  Heypressto has created seven book trailers for them, including the ones above.