13 Movies for Long Dark Nights – Supernatural Comedies Certificate U – 15

Witches, zombies, ghosts, ghouls, vampires, werewolves and monsters. Take your pick of movies just the right mix of scariness and humour from the 1940’s to 2012. Something to please members all generations with humour and thrills that will still let them sleep well.

1. Witches – The Witches (1990 PG). Young bereaved Luke helps his grandmother battle a world conference of child-stealing wicked witches. (Angelica Houston, Mai Zetterling)

2. Ghosts – Ghost Town (2008, 12). Ricky Gervais plays an cynical dentist who, after a near death experience, encounters ghosts with unfinished business and a mission to woo a beautiful widow (Téa Leoni).

3. Vampires – Hotel Transylvania (2012, U). Count Dracula runs a hotel where monsters are welcome and humans are not, especially after a traveller drops in, becomes ‘Jonnystein’ and gets the attention of Dracula’s daughter. Animation with the voice of Adam Sandler.

4. Zombies – Go Goa Gone (2013, 15). Three tourists on an island of zombies must dodge the undead long enough to save a trapped damsel in distress and make their escape. (Saif Ali Khan)

5. Werewolves – Teen Wolf (1985, PG). Michael J. Fox as Scott who develops the family ‘curse’ and extraordinary basketball skills. He tries to win the heart of school-mate Pamela while keeping his secret.

6. Monsters – Carry On Screaming (1966, PG). Classic spoof of Frankenstein, House of Wax and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. (Kenneth Williams)

7. Ghouls – Ghostbusters (1984, 12A) A team of paranormal exterminators alone can save their city from demons and the destructor Gozer. (Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver)

8. Supernatural – E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982, PG). At Halloween, a marooned alien is discovered by three children who must protect him from the secret service until ‘ET phone home’ and his people return to rescue him. (Drew Barrymore)

9. Witches – Practical Magic (1998, 12). Sisters Sally (Sandra Bullock) and Gilly (Nicole Kidman) face the ghost of the body under the rosebush.

10. Ghosts – Casper (1995, PG). James (Bill Pullman) and teenage daughter Kat (Christina Ricci) move into a house of hauntings and hidden treasure and make a new supernatural friend.

11. Monsters – Young Frankenstein (1974, PG). Medical school lecturer (Gene Wilder) inherits the family estate in Transylvania and his grandfather’s fascination with creating the Monster. Directed by Mel Brooks.

12. Witches – Hocus Pocus (1993, PG). Young Max and Dani challenge three witches resurrected at Halloween for the lives of the town’s children. (Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, Sarah Jessica Parker)

13. Ghosts – Blithe Spirit (1945, U). Noel Coward’s witty fantasy with Rex Harrison and Margaret Rutherford. After couple Charles and Ruth take part in a seance Charles’ deceased wife returns and has issues with her replacement.

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