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Saved by the Cool Car

London’s Air Ambulance have added a vehicle carrying equipment that could raise the survival rate of cardiac arrest patients from 9 to 48 percent, the BBC reports.

The Cool Car team apply coolpacks to the armpits and groin which together with the injection of up to 2l of saline fluid can cool the body to subnormal temperatures of 32C-36C a state of ‘therapeutic hypothermia’ which can reduce brain damage from cardiac arrest.

Poppy Remembrance Scarf

Launched on the century of the awarding of the Victoria Cross to Khudadad Khan, the first Muslim receive Britain’s highest military honour, the poppy-designed hijab can be worn both to commemorate ‘those who have given their lives for the peace and freedom we enjoy today’ and in particular the Muslim contribution to bringing about Armistice Day in 1918.

Khan was just one of the 400,000 Muslims who served with World War I British and Commonwealth forces, who were remembered in the ceremony at the Cenotaph yesterday.

3D Printing for Earth and the Moon

Amsterdam architects are using 3D printing to construct a house, according to Al Jazeera. This project may have vital applications for post-disaster reconstruction and the transformation of centres of temporary shelters such as shanty towns and camps.The technology could be adapted to use local materials and even recycling.

RT extends this idea with a story that European Space Agency (ESA) proved the feasibility of 3D-print a base on the Moon.

Meanwhile Rapper Snoop Dogg releases his new line of Belarus-inspired clothing raising the profile of a lesser known Earth culture.

Roaches to the Rescue

New Scientist reports that Madagascar hissing cockroaches with a miniature audio sensing equipment strapped to their backs can be co-ordinated to source sounds through their antennae. This could have a life-saving application to search and rescue especially of people trapped under rubble.

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