Apocalypse No! Unbeatable Barbershopera in Bijou Theatre

An immensely talented, young quartet of three guys and a girl, using barely more than hobbyhorses and haloes, will transport you to the nether and upper realms and back in an a cappella musical with a moral.

Witty lyrics and fine singing voices ranging over a surprising variety of styles interweave an exciting tale of the coming of Judgment Day, which may or may not be averted by a delightful but downtrodden primary school teacher pressed into the role of Death amongst the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Within seconds of the cast’s entrance on the rug-sized stage, these unknowns-to-me had my belief and breath suspended. Minimal props and costumes but bags of energy and musicality.

They performed for a limited but enthusiastic audience, and my surprise birthday treat, in the small Trafalgar Studios in Whitehall where nearby you can take in a view of the famous square with lions and Nelson. Surrounded by black walls and sunk into comfortable red seats for two, the 75 minutes of non-stop delight flash by and one can only marvel at the stamina of the protagonists.

Not to be missed. If you’re in London, catch Barbershopera’s ‘Apocalypse No!’ before they leave for their UK tour. An astonishing tour de force to leave you charmed, refreshed and ecstatic.

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