‘Big Hero 6’ – Lovable Robot Meets Black Hole

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Student Tadashi rescues his directionless 14-year-old brother Hiro from a backstreet bot fight where his pet project has made him unpopular. To distract and inspire his little brother Tadashi makes a detour to his Nerd Lab for Hiro's first visit to the Institute of Technology. Here Hiro meets Tadashi’s fellow researchers nicknames GoGo, Honey Lemon, Wasabi and Fred. Their projects fire Hiro with a desire to impress Professor Callaghan at the upcoming Science fair with a project of his own and join the programme.

The audience at the fair is wowed by Hiro's invention; a myriad microbots, based on the components of his fighting robot, controlled by a cranial transmitter to make any shape the wearer visualises. Industrialist Alastair Krei is keen to take Hiro under his wing but Hiro rejects his offer in favour of working with Callaghan. Before they have time to develop the invention a tragic event consumes the bots and Hiro's brother, leaving the boy stunned by grief for the following weeks. Aunt Cass, who brought up both boys following the death of the parents, reminds Hiro he can still begin at the Institute even though term has begun. An ‘ouch’ rouses Tadashi's last invention, a personal healthcare companion in the shape of a white vinyl robot, ballooning over a carbon fibre frame, with a gentle voice and caring manner.

When Hiro sees his microbot twitching as though drawn magnetically to its fellows, he knows the others survived the fire and with Baymax in tow follows the microbot compass to
a warehouse in a quiet part of town. There he discovers an illicit microbot factory. However the pair is soon on the run when a Kabuki-masked figure rouses the bots to attack and Hiro and Baymax barely escape in tact. They attempt to report the unlikely sounding incident at the police station where Baymax’s low battery affects him like alcohol and the most amusing scene of the film ensues with Hiro stealthily returning his tottering friend to his charging station under Aunt Cass's radar.

To overcome Kabuki man Hiro sets to work designing superhero makeovers for Baymax, and the four researchers, turning Baymax into a Kung Fu Panda in carbon fibre underwear with enhanced sensors to track down the bot thief on his Bond-villain-style island. Armed with lethal frisbees, a killer purse, wings, blades of glory and the liberal use of combustion the Big Hero Six launch forth on a venture to reclaim the neurotransmitter and control of Hiro’s invention. At the island they find evidence of a failed black hole transportation experiment and a trapped pilot. Meeting opposition the heroes fight for their lives, and Hiro finds his desire for vengeance conflicting with Baymax’s programming for health and healing. In a final showdown the nerds win the day and Hiro regains what is lost.

I found the four researchers rather generic in Scooby-Doo character fashion but Hiro is winning and sympathetic as bereaved teen, losing seventy five percent of his nuclear family, his buddy and his guru, yet finding confidence, comfort and purpose through his brother’s legacy and new friends. Although there may be too much loss depicted for small children, they, like all other age groups, will love the über adorable robot. Hero Big 6 didn’t hold my attention the whole way through but the Marvel source for the story, the Japanese component and the memorable Baymax sets this film apart.

The black hole is more picturesque in Big Hero 6 than in Interstellar. The story is set in an alternative reality in which Japanese immigrants played a major part in rebuilding San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake thereby creating San Fransokyo, the Californian city enriched with cherry blossom lined streets, curved roofs, and a magnificent red, Japanese gate style bridge which is a visual delight. Big Hero 6 is lively, humorous and action packed, and was rewarded with an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a BAFTA.

Watch Big Hero 6 to discover:

Who is the man in the mask?
What Baymax mean when he says, ‘Tadashi is here’?
How to deal with friends experiencing loss.
Which of the Big Hero 6 turns out to be the rich kid?

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