Boldy Going Back for Seconds

Yesterday I saw Star Trek for the second time. The first was in the company of an aficionado who grew up with the original (‘classic’) series. He was excited about it but said, ‘I enjoyed three quarters of it but the ending was a Star Trek ending with the soul gone out of it’. Had they been true to the series the crew ‘would have solved it and gone home. Billions of people wouldn’t have died. But I can see why the writers did it. They’ve left it open for one or two follow-ons.’ Regardless of that he gave it 9/10.

Although some might feel the writers have been lazy by using the device of an alternate reality and thereby excusing themselves from rigorous research to ensure every detail of the characters’ known history tallies with the story nevertheless they do seem to have succeed in producing a film to please most if not all comers or in other words, that serves ‘the needs of the many’.

Yesterday, my movie mate was a young friend in his late teens who had consistently scored higher than I did on the Star Trek geek tests we’ve both been taking. He accorded the film the accolade of ‘epic, though not epic in the way that Gladiator or Lord of the Rings is as the enemy was the usual’ and awarded it 9.8. He thought the casting was faultless and although on Take One I had thought that Simon Pegg’s, Scotty and Karl Urban’s Bones were physically unlike their originals, I was won over at least in the case of the latter. We both appreciated the apparently innovative design for the alien ship and managed to resolve for ourselves the writers’ adjustments to the engine room and sick bay.

Second time around the first sight of the Enterprise still made me want to fall to my knees in awe. Both generations shared with me the pleasure of hearing the new versions of our favourite characters utter their hallmark phrases: ‘I’m a doctor not a …’ ‘I’ve given ya all she’s got!’ ‘Green-blooded hobgoblin’ and…you have to wait for it but it’s worth it..’Fascinating’.

It is a hugely nostalgic but fresh feast. Dramatic, startling, endearing, wry and fun. Alpha male Kirk takes enough humorous assaults to his ego to satisfy a modern audience, Zachary Quinto looks uncannily and gratifyingly like Leonard Nimoy, Zoe Saldana presents brains balls and beauty worthy of Nichelle Nichols’ Uhura and there is a return by a member of the original cast as well as a vocal contribution from another.

The new cast seem to have done their homework and brought forth performances honouring both their role models and a vast international body of fans ranging from the interested to the devoted. The original crew live again and look ready to boldly go into a new series of films if not a TV series.

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