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Free on Sunday – 50 Feel-better Films

On Sunday, 24th February, 50 Feel-better Books, flagship of The Feel-better Collections series receives its first ever promotion. For 24 hours only, it will be available for free download from Amazon, so do set your alarm.

Freebooksy is handling the event, and over 100,000 subscribers with a particular interest in self-help books will be alerted. It is going to be an exciting day! But for the non-subscribers to Freebooksy, it seems only fair to let you know of this opportunity, so there’ll be tweets and a buzz on Pinterest, and Instagram. If you know of anyone who could benefit from this book, please spread the word or download it for them. You can never tell who might be helped by it.

Emotional Scale

If you’re wondering what ‘feel-better’ is all about, then think of a ladder with deep depression at the bottom and exhilaration at the top. You can’t get from one to the other in one step, if you’re feeling hopeless then you can’t suddenly ‘cheer up’, but you can feel a little better. And that’s what this collection of movies is intended for, to help those on the bottom half of the scale, move up just one rung. Here’s a short video that sums it up.

Video link to What is Feel-better? on a red monitor

The idea was drawn from Esther Hicks’ encouragement to ‘reach for the best feeling thought that is available to you’, reach for a better-feeling thought. I began collecting the first movies back in 2012. It has taken years of research and honing to finish. All of the images have been edited by Heypressto; I have taken every photograph personally and purposefully to add a little something to the text of each film review. If you haven’t watched a particular film before, the image may keep you guessing as to how it fits in. There may be a quiz!

Spanning eight decades from 1942 with the black and white classic Random Harvest, the movies range over time all the way up to 2018 with Wonder, released on DVD only last year.

If you do take advantage of Sunday’s offer, and enjoy the collection, I’d love to hear your feedback, either in the form of review or an email to me, which would be even better, and will receive a personal reply.

Wherever you are on the emotional scale, wishing you a feel-better weekend,


About the Author Chartreuse

Chartreuse is a freelance writer, editor, photographer and promotional videographer. She has written a feel-better film review column for Heath & Happiness Magazine, and is the owner of Heypressto. Chartreuse’ greatest inspiration is Abraham-Hicks. Her favourite quote is ‘You can be, do or have anything you want’.

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