‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ – Hogwarts: The Soap

Another dollop of HP sorcery which moves the story on with upgraded dialogue and acting standards. My late-teens movie mate gave it 6/10, commenting, ‘It was a bridge to a destination rather than a destination. Some of the romantic stuff could have been cut.’ He added that Ron’s comic love potion scene could have been replaced with an accident at the quidditch match which would have saved time and performed the same function of revealing Ron’s feelings which we already knew about. The two romantic triangles gave it something of a soap opera feel and an epic encounter with Voldemort was conspicuous by its absence.

My next-generation-up friend reviewed the movie more favourably: ‘I came out buzzed and wanting more.’ Though he later considered, ‘This may have been the effect of being in the midst of a first night audience hungry for the next course of Potter’.

Even as a Harry Potter movie, it felt like a prequel to the final book rather than a story in its own right, which some thought was the case with The Order of the Phoenix. Half-Blood Prince left certain questions unresolved, such as, who’s on which side, how and why has Harry dumped his erstwhile girlfriend, Cho, seeing as what he took as her betrayal in the last movie was under drugged interrogation making him look like rather a cad. What does the attractive, bright Hermione see in the bumbling, sub-buff Ron or Harry in the stolid Ginny? Has the muggle recession spread to Diagon Alley and how high are the premiums on buildings and contents insurance in the magical world?

On an entirely superficial note, it was unfortunate that Draco Malfoy looked arguably hotter than Mr Potter in what the up-market student wizard is wearing this season, and Miss Watson in an orange party frock will have girls wondering if Hermione has been indulging in a little cosmetic wizardry and will have boys wondering…well…just wondering.

Highlights included a useful repository and a handy piece of furniture plus a new nuking spell, and above all, what magic can do to a famous London footbridge. A must-see for Potter fans; for others, wait for the DVD, would be my advice. With a runtime of 2 hours and 33 min you’ll appreciate the pause button.

In the words of my young film-going friend: ‘Too much walking around and not enough expelliamus’. Roll on Deathly Hallows.

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