‘Minions’, Mayhem and Monarchy

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The prequel to Despicable Me, this is the back-story of the yellow Kinder Surprise shaped crew who are destined to assist Grue in his villainous endeavours. It begins with the Minions’ evolution from the primordial soup, surviving consumption by malevolent marine predators, to their emergence into the light of day near a tropical Jurassic beach where they encounter their favourite food. Their development has predisposed them to serve the biggest, baddest boss they can find. A passing T Rex is the ideal candidate. However, their well-meaning but misdirected efforts soon have them seeking a new leader and the process is repeated through a serious of historical and mythological leaders until their unfortunate involvement with Napoleon leaves them stranded in a cave in an icy landscape.

Here they make a comfortable home but with no evil genius to give them direction they become lacklustre and bored. Kevin, teddy-bear-toting Bob and monocled Steward set out in search of a suitable boss.

Where better to discover a dastard then Villain Con 1968, and there the trio are win their places into the service of the world’s first female fiend, Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock) who plans to home in on London and steal the crown of Queen Elizabeth (Jennifer Saunders). The Minions, however, soon become Scarlet’s rivals and face her wrath. The rest of the tribe arrive in the nick of time. Their purpose becomes to rescue themselves and the tea-drinking, newspaper-reading populace bemused by the radical refit of the monarchy. Just as the status quo appears to be restored a young Grue makes an appearance and wins the Minions’ admiration and allegiance.

The 150-strong audience mostly filled a big screen at a Greater London multiplex for the Sunday matinee. Children and parents were much in evidence but often accompanied by teens under the guise, no doubt, of accompanying their junior relatives. Minions seems aimed at a younger audience than Despicable Me I or II, will surely be a hit with audiences in London where the film is largely set and will be welcomed by the UK tourist industry. Adults can enjoy spotting the capital’s highlights when undistracted by the frenetic and often hilarious action.

Pierre Coffin as with the Despicable Me films directs and voices the Minions who communicate in a mixture of Indian, French, English, Spanish, Italian and Gibberish. Steve Carell returns in the minor part of Grue. Fellow voice actors include Michael Keaton, Allison Janney, Steve Coogan, and Geoffrey Rush.

Minions is a vastly entertaining, slapstick, most visual romp. The adorable, mischievous, ooh-look-a-shiny-thing, diminutives held the attention of all generations in the audience. Those who sat through the credits were rewarded with a little extra Minion magic.

Watch Minions to:

Discover how Dracula really met his end
See the new costume design for the Queen’s grenadier guards
Behold the coronation of the first monarch Minion.

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