Feel-better or feel-good? Find out why the difference matters to you

Emotional scaleImagine a tall ladder. At the top is joy, exhilaration. At the bottom is deep depression and in the middle is indifference, boredom. You can climb one or two rungs at a time so to get from the bottom to the top in a single hop would be impossible. However, each step up represents an improvement, a feeling better. If you’re near the top already, then you can feel good but only if you’re near the top, whereas, anyone, anywhere on the emotional ladder, or scale, can feel better.

Of the many things that can help you feel better, film is one. Stories have always held immense power to sway our feelings. There are many which have a feel-good ending in particular, but the journey there can be too emotionally gruelling if we are fragile from trauma or crisis. There are some movies, however, that lead us with the hero or heroine from disaster to triumph with a gentle, sensitive, humorous hand. Hard to find but I am panning for the gold for you. On this site you’ll find suggestions that might do the trick for you or someone you want to help.

Knowing the difference between feel-better and feel-good films, songs or images, can be the difference between making things worse and improving them. The wrong film can overwhelm someone with an image of seemingly impossible happiness, trigger disturbing memories or simply leave them indifferent. The right one can help them up a rung, maybe two of the emotional ladder to recovery and, in time, happiness.

If you would like some film suggestions tailored to you or someone you would like to feel better, do get in touch and tell me a little about the person and their circumstances. I would love to come up with 3 films for you that just might help.

Best wishes,