The Virgin Articles

Some explanation seems due for the titles of the series of articles containing the word ‘virgin’. During an illness lasting years, I missed out on many pursuits that would normally have been within my reach.

Since meeting my now significant other who is an adventurous and experienced participant in various fields of activity as well as a caring partner considerate of the level of my capabilites, opportunities are now coming my way for the first time. Hencee my accounts that may be of use and encouragement to other intiates and a source of entertainment to those already at home in the various worlds described:


About the Author Chartreuse

Chartreuse is a freelance writer, editor, photographer and promotional videographer. She has written a feel-better film review column for Heath & Happiness Magazine, and is the owner of Heypressto. Chartreuse’ greatest inspiration is Abraham-Hicks. Her favourite quote is ‘You can be, do or have anything you want’.

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