The Wedding Video: Wait for the DVD

The Wedding Video, though providing several laughs, guffaws and chuckles and filling a big screen with the big event, is probably more worth cost of the DVD than the expense of cinema ticket and popcorn-plus-soft-drink combo.

Globe roaming Raif returns to the UK for brother Tim’s main event with a plan to make a run-up-to the wedding video. Saskia, once teen rebel forcibly poured into her grandmother’s mould has emerged as a match for Tim, but the seal breaks under the pressure of the two week build up to a wedding whose competitive extravagance gets increasingly out of the hands of the couple. As it becomes clear under fire of the video camera how mismatched Saskia and Tim are, Raif moves to the other side of the lens and outs the truth.

Highlights are the wedding planner’s tripping out on a pills-and-alcohol cocktail, the spoof video tour of a stately home-cum-wedding venue, and the wine tasting. A pleasant enough way for the 8 of us occupying screen 3 to spend an afternoon. Those familiar with Chester will enjoy familiar shots of the town and the Grosvenor Hotel.

This is a film with a happy ending but it takes so many painful minutes to reach that it takes the experience out of feel-good. What saves the story from being depressing is that all involved are basically likeable people who have made some misguided choices but for whom it is not too late. With a meaningful script and shaded performances from protagonists Lucy Punch and Rufus Hound ranging from robust to wistful, this is more than just the slapstick of the trailer. Angus Barnet is amusingly cringe-worthy as the vicar with the overdeveloped sense of humour. Harriet Walters is, as ever, as luminous as a bride.

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